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Freezer Choosing Tips From A Hunting Buddy


One of my friends has a house by the woods where he stays during hunting season. I visited him there recently and had an absolutely wonderful time. His house is really beautiful and is filled with lots of interesting items. However, as I was already contemplating buying a freezer and thinking about what type to get, the couple of small chest freezers he had certainly caught my eye. My friend is really good at hunting and fishing, so there is a lot of meat and fish for him to store, so having a couple of chest freezers made sense for him.

The good thing about a chest freezer is that, compared to an upright freezer of the same size, it offers more storage space. You can’t keep things segregated in a chest freezer to the same degree as in an upright freezer, however, if you are just looking to store one type of item, then the chest freezer is the best bet. Usually chest freezers need manual defrosting and whenever it has to be done, it might take a few hours to do it. The plus side to this is that freezers with manual defrosting use less energy and also are more efficient and last longer.

When I asked my friend why he bought a couple of small chest freezers instead of going for a big one and he said that whenever he goes back to his town house, he takes one of the chest freezers full of game meat, puts it in the back of his pickup truck and takes it back home with him. I was really surprised with his answer until he told me that chest freezers could keep things frozen inside them for many hours without power because of the insulation in their sidewalls. All of this convinced me that despite the disadvantages, buying a chest freezer is certainly worth considering. My friend got his small chest freezer from and he recommended that site to me if I wanted to buy one myself, as there is a really good collection of chest freezers in there.

Antique Furniture For Your Home

Do you have any antique cabinets or furniture in your house? Well, I do have this piece of furniture that I inherited from my grandparents. It’s a dining set that I have in our dining area. It’s a good thing that I have something this old but still functional than having to buy something worth a lot of dollars. Antiques cost more than a brand new one because the materials used on them are the strongest and already have passed the test of time. Somehow, these old fashioned furniture holds a lot of stories that interests those who fancy these kinds of items.


Antiques hold a lot of different stories coming from their past owners. They hold the secrets and confessions of other people who have used them. Some say that the spirits of the past owners are sealed on it. Well that’s kind of creepy, right? It always gave me chills during the night when I pass our dining area. It’s like something is sitting on one of the antique dining chairs and is staring right back at me. Did I scare you? Well, no reason to worry, it’s a great piece of furniture!

If you have an antique cabinet or furniture or the likes, you should take good care of them to maintain their beauty and structure. Their designs are usually one of a kind and that’s why people will pay a lot of money just to get their hands on these old treasures. Going back, taking care of them wouldn’t take you that much of a hassle. According to this site, you just need to polish them once or twice a year with beeswax based polish. That wouldn’t take so much of your time. Just make sure they are also kept or placed in a space where it can be safe from being damaged.

There are also antique cabinets that are of good use, more than just a design, like this corner curio cabinet on that can store your precious figurines. Consider it a prized treasure if you already have something like this. Your house will never be complete if you don’t have at least one old cabinet or even an old ring.

My Favorite Things To Make With Pineapple

Pineapples are something I use around the house many times a year. Although they may not always be cheap, I always find a way to use it a few times for some of my favorite recipes.

I like to use them in cakes. They make great sweeteners for cakes that also allows me to sneak fruit in so there is a tiny bit of a health benefit. They have a great scent too that is intensified and fills the room when you bake it. Many cakes do well with fresh pineapple as well as some dried ones too.

For drinks, these go great for mixed drinks. They are very popularly used in tropical or tiki cocktails. If there is a fruit involved, it’s usually pineapple, coconut, or maybe a cherry for the garnish. Pineapple provides a nice citrus burst of flavor that brightens up the drink. It can be a sweetener and liven up a drink at the same time. When using it for drinks, you are best off getting fresh pineapple for this since you can really tell the difference.

When I have extra time, I like to make candied pineapple. This involves just cutting up the fresh fruit, dehydrating or adding sugar to it depending on which recipe I’m trying to make. You can keep it a bit chewy for snacking, or make the candy harder depending on your taste. If you keep it chewier it is great for adding to baked goods or desserts so you can enjoy some pineapple in it without breaking any teeth.

However you incorporate these into your recipes, you are going to need to start off with either dried, candied, or fresh pineapple. When time is not an issue, fresh pineapple will always taste the best if you can get it ripened already. You can help save time cutting up these pineapples with a pineapple cutter from Almost any brand will do, just pick a cutter that looks best in your kitchen. Otherwise, in a pinch, you can use a prepared version. Your guests and you will be able to tell the difference though so keep that in mind.

A Piece Of Kitchen Furniture That Saves Space, Organizes, And Looks Great

The ability to work with enough space in the kitchen is absolutely important and many cooks and chefs will always consider that factor when positioning microwaves. For one, the microwaves can never be placed too far away from the kitchen such that they will be burdensome to operate each time there is a need to defrost something really quick or when part of the meal needs to be prepared through microwave usage. Using a stainless steel microwave cart will in the end help a person to have adequate workspace and still keep the microwave within the kitchen to do all the cooking jobs needed.

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